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Hi, I am Tim Jones, a software development specialist in Tampa, FL. I've been doing corporate and free-lance development for nearly 25 years, building nice shiny things on top of FOSS (Free/Open-Source Software) for one or two companies at a time.

I want to transition into full-time Open Source development by 2015. I have been drinking from the FOSS well for a very long time, benefiting enormously from basing my for-hire work on the generosity of the most elite, skilled hackers in the world. I think it's high time I graduate from merely using open source to actually contributing to it on a full-time basis. If you can, in any way, help me make the move, please contact me at with a Subject line containing “FOSS”. My resume is available via the sidebar link to the left.

This is my old dot-com era consulting website, consisting of two keywords that I want to be associated with: Linux, a fabulous no-limits operating system that I have been using professionally since 1995, and Tampa, which is the place I have lived since 1976.

For nearly any project requiring application development, system administration, database work, website design and implementation, or developer training, I can be of tremendous assistance. I have worked continuously in Unix development environments since 1992, and Linux since 1995. I am proficient in most development languages that you might find on Linux system, in addition to coding and maintaining complex cross-platform websites.

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